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Borderguns Level 1, plus practice match. August 2nd

Hi Guys,

This will be the same format as before, as it worked very well.

  • Here for 9:30 am.

  • Sign in, then drop your gear at the stage where you will start, with your group.

  • Come back up to the Kitchen window for refreshments then go straight back to your group.

  • At 10 am start shooting; every hour your group will move when myself or George tells you to.

  • Lunch will be brought to you; then you can get your drinks from the Kitchen window and go back to your group.

  • One-and-a-half hours will be given for the two stages plus lunch, before moving on.

Please contact Martin on 07572 362 815 by txt to book your place. I will txt you back, if we have space, or that you’re too late.

Many thanks.

Take care.


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