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Martin - British Champion 2007 and 2010 Standard Manual Division - and son George welcome you to the Border Guns website. We are a Practical Shotgun (PSG) shooting club run by shooters, for shooters, based in the beautiful Shropshire countryside near the borders of Wales.

We shoot Section 1 (Firearms Act) semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns, typically of 10-round capacity or higher. The natural terrain and woodland gives us a wide variety of stages and courses of fire. Targets are typically steel “poppers” or plates that fall when hit but also frangible targets such as clays or paper targets can be used. Stages often involve movement between firing points and multiple reloads during the course of fire. Safety is therefore of paramount importance.

Border Guns is affiliated to the UK Practical Shooting Association (UKPSA) which is the UK Region of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC). All club shoots and matches are conducted to IPSC rules and conventions.


Christmas Shoot this Sunday

The Borderguns Christmas shoot is here on December the 3rd.
Everyone will get a prize. Some more than others:).
5 large stages. Including, Mega wood 32 targets.
2 large field stages with distant swinging targets. One that can only be shot while it’s moving ;) .
Not forgetting a very special stage, to test the warrior in you……
The sixth stage is a knock down speed shoot for those of you with a 22 semi.
With a nice bottle of port for the winner :) .
Every shooter must where a Christmas hat, or forfeit a bottle of wine to the prize table. :)
Take care.
See you Sunday at see you all at 9.45 cuppa 10am start.
members £12
non members £20
All refreshments and lunch are in the price.

Club Shoot This Sunday

Another awesome shoot for this Sunday, another 8 great stages are ready and waiting to put a smile on your face and make you feel alive once more, Border style. where the steels fly and the clays vapourise in the land of Borders Baby see you all at 9.45 cuppa 10am start. members £12 non members £20 All refreshments and lunch are in the price

Border Guns Safety Course

Hi guys. Borderguns are doing a shotgun safety course with a difference. Part one Will be on Sunday the 29/10/ 17 start time 9am until 3pm. Cost 50 pound. All refreshments including lunch are in the price. 6 people total. Email. Or Tel. 01588640002. Send me all information,by email. Question and Answers are on the Bordergunspsg web site. Address,tel, the gun you will be using, section 1 or →

October Club Shoot postponed to 22nd October

The October Club Shoot will be moved to the 22nd October, We are sorry for any inconveniance this may cause.

Club Shoot 17/09/17

Hey Guys. outstanding level one club shoot at Borders this Sunday. Featuring the swinging clays, with a cool loading system with out the dreaded elastic band lol. Start time 9.45 cuppa catch up. 10am start 8 super stages to encourage the new, and test the best. £20 non member £12 member. The famous Chille, coffee, Tea,biscuts, and a Beer at the end of the day, as →