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Eley Steel Plate Challenge at Stourport PRC

Eley are really making a push for practical shooting this year so get involved in the UK’s largest Steel Plate competition series.
£9K in prize money.
Event one – LBP £750 first place, £500 second place, £250 third place. Mini Rifle £750 first place, £500 second place, £250 third place. Random stage prizes when entering twice or competing in both disciplines. Click on the link below for details.

Eley Steel Plate Challenge

Shooting Dates 2019

All Club Shoots, Training Days, Safety Courses and Level 3 Dates for Border Guns P.S.G (some may be added later so keep an eye out for updates) Club Shoot - 27th January Club Shoot - 24th February Club Shoot - 17th March Club Shoot - 12th May Training Day - 26th May Club Shoot - 9th June Training Day - 23rd June The All England Championships Level III →

The All England Championships Level III 26th – 28th July 2019

Welcome to the All England Championships 2019 being held at Border Guns P.S.G for another awesome Level III of the UKPSA Shotgun Championships 2019. Entry fee details below. Pre Match Friday 26th (Range Crew Only) Main Match Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th (Maximum of 40 Competitors per day). Pay by Bank Transfer to Border Guns. Sort Code: 40-34-33 Account Number: 21447076. Lunch →

Level 2 Pro Shoot Championship Cancelled

Due to unfortunate circumstances the Level 2 match on 20th-21st October has been cancelled, however we will be holding a Level 1 Club match in its place on Sunday 21st October.

Safety Course Part 1 – 28th October Part 2 – 4th November

Hi all. After BORDER GUNS doing so well at the British Masters level 3. Awesome days shooting guys, much appreciated. It's now time for the second safety course of the year Which will be on the 28/10/2018 and the 04/11/2018 This is a 2 day course one week apart. 100 pounds paid up front to account number 20_20_20 40096792 This includes all your food and drinks for →