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September 6 th level one, plus practice shoot.

Hi all.

Where has the time gone.

This coming Sunday we will be shooting up at the house range one more time. The stone has been taken down to the new range – all 1,818 tons of it. Have got to spend a little more time on it yet 🙂

Here at 9.30 am. Book in. 10 am start. Still corona, so can you please txt me on 07572362815 if you wish to shoot as there are limited spaces.

See ya Sunday, Lets shoot some steel.

Take care.
Martin, Borders. Hell yeah.

Borderguns Level 1, plus practice match. August 2nd

Hi Guys,This will be the same format as before, as it worked very well. Here for 9:30 am.Sign in, then drop your gear at the stage where you will start, with your group.Come back up to the Kitchen window for refreshments then go straight back to your group.At 10 am start shooting; every hour your group will move when myself →

July the 5th level one practice shoot 8 stages ( FULL )

Hi Guys. The shoot on July the 5 th is now full. Thank you for all your support. Take care. Martin.

July 5th level one practice shoot 8 stages.

Hi Guys. This will be another restricted shoot on Sunday the 5th of July. We are allowed 6 shooters per range, 24 max. After lengthy discussions with UKPSA council members. New rules will be put into action at Borders with a new risk assessment. Everything will be explained to the shooters who are coming on the July shoot. If you wish to take part, can →

June the 14 th club shoot full

Hi All.Sorry to stop all you guys from shooting here on Sunday, as we could only have limited numbers this time.I have contacted the few people who can shoot here, sorry i could not have any more.Please dont turn up, as i will have to turn you away .Lets hope we get back to normal quickly.Hope to see you all →