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Club Shoot 17/09/17

Hey Guys.
outstanding level one club shoot at Borders this Sunday.
Featuring the swinging clays, with a cool loading system with out the dreaded elastic band lol.
Start time 9.45 cuppa catch up.
10am start 8 super stages to encourage the new, and test the best.
£20 non member
£12 member.
The famous Chille, coffee, Tea,biscuts, and a Beer at the end of the day, as normal all in the price.
BORDERS. Because you deserve the best.

Club Shoot Level 1 27th August

Borderguns level 1 match this Sunday. 8 great stages, 4 shooting areas. Not only will there be the floating platform, as it was meant to be in the level 3, but also the dreaded skate board ;). This will be a excellent practice for the Welsh championship. Start time 10 am, get here 10 minutes earlier for a cuppa. £12 for members. £20 for →