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Shoot dates


Here are the shoot dates for the 2020 Border Guns Calender

Club Shoot – January 26th

Clun Shoot – February 23rd

Club Shoot – March 15th

Club Shoot – May 17th

Club Shoot – June 14th

The Inter-Club Championship – July 5th

Club Shoot – August 2nd

Club Shoot – September 6th

Club Shoot – October 4th

Club Shoot – November 1st

Christmas Shoot – December 6th (Members Only)

2020 Membership – £50 (To be payed on first match of year or by BACS to Martin Davies – Sort Code: 20-61-08 Account Number: 03940586
Club Shoot Fee Members – £20
Club Shoot Fee Non-members – £30


All Club Shoots, Training Days, Safety Courses and Level 3 Dates for Border Guns P.S.G (some may be added later so keep an eye out for updates)

Club Shoot – 27th January

Club Shoot – 24th February

Club Shoot – 17th March

Club Shoot – 12th May

Training Day – 26th May

Club Shoot – 9th June

Training Day – 23rd June

The All England Championships Level III – 26th – 28th July

Club Shoot (Level III Re Shoot) – 11th August

Club Shoot – 1st September

Club Shoot – 6th October

Club Shoot – 3rd November

Club Shoot – 1st December

All club shoots cost £15.00 per member and £25.00 for non-members. £30 for membership which must be in by end of January. ( Club Shoot prices all include food and drink).Arrive by 09:30 am for a catch-up and a brew for a 10:00 am prompt start (especially in the winter)