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Shoot dates


The following shoot dates for our club are as follows;

Jan. Sun 21 Level 1

Feb. Sun 25 Level 1

March. Sun 25 Level 1

April closed lambing.

May Safety Course Part 1 13th

May Safety Course Part 2 20th

May. Sun 20th Level 1

June. Sun 24th Level 1

July. Fri, Sat, Sun 27, 28, 29 Level 3 English Championships

Aug. Sun 5th Level 1 Re shoot English Championships

Sept. Sun 16 Level 1

Oct. Sun 21 Level 1

Nov. Sun 4 Level 1

Dec. Sun 2 Level 1

All club shoots cost £15.00 per member and £25.00 for non-members. £30 for membership which must be in by end of January. ( Club Shoot prices all include food and drink).Arrive by 09:30 am for a catch-up and a brew for a 10:00 am prompt start (especially in the winter)