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Border Guns Safety Course

Hi guys.
Borderguns are doing a shotgun safety course with a difference.
Part one
Will be on Sunday the 29/10/ 17 start time 9am until 3pm.
Cost 50 pound. All refreshments including lunch are in the price.
6 people total.
Or Tel. 01588640002.
Send me all information,by email.
Question and Answers are on the Bordergunspsg web site.
Address,tel, the gun you will be using, section 1 or 2.
Or if you need to borrow a section 2. And if you are a Vegetarian.
Money to be sent by cheques to borderguns, or bank account
20-20-20. 40096792
There will be home work given after the first day to practice before the 2nd day.
Part 2
Will be on Sunday the 12th of November 9am _ 3 pm as above
Don’t pay for this one yet.
First to pay will be placed on the course.
See you soon.

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