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July 5th level one practice shoot 8 stages.

Hi Guys.
This will be another restricted shoot on Sunday the 5th of July.
We are allowed 6 shooters per range, 24 max.
After lengthy discussions with UKPSA council members.
New rules will be put into action at Borders with a new risk assessment.
Everything will be explained to the shooters who are coming on the July shoot.

If you wish to take part, can you please contact me by txt on 07572362815.
And i will respond asap, with yes or no.
unfortunately if no, I will put you at the top of the list for the August shoot.
Hopefully by then, things would of relaxed even more.
Take care.

June the 14 th club shoot full

Hi All.
Sorry to stop all you guys from shooting here on Sunday, as we could only have limited numbers this time.
I have contacted the few people who can shoot here, sorry i could not have any more.
Please dont turn up, as i will have to turn you away .
Lets hope we get back to normal quickly.
Hope to see you all again soon.
Take care.

June 14th shoot will go ahead as normal

June the 14 th shoot will start at 9.45 for a cuppa and catch up, social distancing will be required on site.
This is not a level 1. There will be 8 stages to practice on.
Groups of 6 shooters max. 
No scores will be taken.
Timers if shared must be used with gloves  .
Jane will serve Coffee, Tea, and Food from the House window.

It will be great to see you all.
Take care.

March 2020 Level 1

Match Divisions (3)Stages Everyone (2)Match Everyone (4)

Jan 2020 level 1

Match OverallStages OverallStages Divisions (2)

Shoot Dates 2020

2020 Membership – £50 (To be payed on first match of year or by BACS to Martin Davies – Sort Code: 20-61-08 Account Number: 03940586
Club Shoot Fee Members – £20
Club Shoot Fee Non-members – £30
Here are the shoot dates for the 2020 Border Guns Calender

Club Shoot – January 26th
Clun Shoot – February 23rd
Club Shoot – March 15th
Club Shoot – May 17th
Club Shoot – June 14th
The Inter-Club Championship – July 5th
Club Shoot – August 2nd
Club Shoot – September 6th
Club Shoot – October 4th
Club Shoot – November 1st
Christmas Shoot – December 6th (Members Only)

Christmas is here at Borders my friends.

Sunday the 1ST of December.
Members only.
Bring your 22s and your Shotguns.

Christmas hats are mandatory.
The usual finest butchers sausage and bacon for lunch.
Followed by mulled wine and mince pies plus Beer at the end of a fantastic shoot, at the prize giving.
9.45 here 10 am start. coffee and Christmas hat check.
Prize for the best hat.
Prize for each stage.
Take care.
See you soon,
Borderguns, Hell yeah.

Eley Steel Plate Challenge at Stourport PRC

Eley are really making a push for practical shooting this year so get involved in the UK’s largest Steel Plate competition series.
£9K in prize money.
Event one – LBP £750 first place, £500 second place, £250 third place. Mini Rifle £750 first place, £500 second place, £250 third place. Random stage prizes when entering twice or competing in both disciplines. Click on the link below for details.

Eley Steel Plate Challenge

Shooting Dates 2019

All Club Shoots, Training Days, Safety Courses and Level 3 Dates for Border Guns P.S.G (some may be added later so keep an eye out for updates)

Club Shoot – 27th January

Club Shoot – 24th February

Club Shoot – 17th March

Club Shoot – 12th May

Training Day – 26th May

Club Shoot – 9th June

Training Day – 23rd June

The All England Championships Level III – 26th – 28th July

Club Shoot (Level III Re Shoot) – 11th August

Club Shoot – 1st September

Club Shoot – 6th October

Club Shoot – 3rd November

Club Shoot – 1st December

See you all soon.

The All England Championships Level III 26th – 28th July 2019

Welcome to the All England Championships 2019 being held at Border Guns P.S.G for another awesome Level III of the UKPSA Shotgun Championships 2019. Entry fee details below. Pre Match Friday 26th (Range Crew Only) Main Match Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th (Maximum of 40 Competitors per day).

Pay by Bank Transfer to Border Guns. Sort Code: 40-34-33 Account Number: 21447076.

Lunch and Refreshments all included in the Price.

Club Members: £35

Non-Club Members: £45

Juniors: £20

Team Entry: Free

Once payment is confirmed you will be approved for the match.

Register via Shoot and Score It:

Level 2 Pro Shoot Championship Cancelled

Due to unfortunate circumstances the Level 2 match on 20th-21st October has been cancelled, however we will be holding a Level 1 Club match in its place on Sunday 21st October.

Safety Course Part 1 – 28th October Part 2 – 4th November

Hi all.
After BORDER GUNS doing so well at the British Masters level 3.
Awesome days shooting guys, much appreciated.
It’s now time for the second safety course of the year
Which will be on the 28/10/2018 and the 04/11/2018

This is a 2 day course one week apart.
100 pounds paid up front to account number 20_20_20 40096792
This includes all your food and drinks for both days plus your insurance.
Send me an email with your address tel, mobile, name, and if your a gun owner, or if you wish to hire a section 2 shotgun.
Please pay in full to guarantee your place on the course.

Many thanks


Sunday 16th Club Shoot

Hey Guys. Hope your looking forward to a good blast this Sunday on the club shoot.I know I am 🙂
What with the Last Level 3 at Dartford, a bit of practice always helps.
Not forgetting a new 28 round stage to go at plus the ever
famous wood run.
More fun More Targets, its all good, and its at
This Sunday.
Take care.

Pro Shoot Level 2 Championships 20th – 21st October at Border Guns P.S.G

Welcome to the Pro Shoot Level 2 Championships being held at Border Guns P.S.G by Pro Shoot Firearms and Shooting Club.

Pay on the Day of the the match. Lunch and Refreshments all included in the price.

Club Members: £15

Non-Club Members: £25

Juniors: £10

Team Entry: Free.

Register via: Shoot and Score It

Training day – May 27th

As a way of showing our support for the world shoot British team Border Guns will be holding a training day on the 27th May for those who wish to get a bit more practice in, there will be a range fee of £15 which also includes food and refreshments for the day.
Starting from 9am onwards and a few refreshing beers after you finish. If you’re interested or have any questions contact us via email

Club Shoot 20th May

Hi all.
Club shoot on 20th of May this Sunday start time 10 am
15 pound members 25 pound non members food and drinks included.

It’s also the the second part of the safety course for the students who did a amazing job last Sunday.
30 pound for the second day.
See everybody at 9.45 for a cuppa and a catch up.
Large New stages built,
You know your in for an awesome day.

Safety Course 13th May and 20th May

The first safety course of 2018 will be held on may the 13th May, on Sunday at Border Guns.
Get here 9AM at the club. 9:15AM start. finish at 5PM.
Payment £50.00 by Bacs to Martin Davies sort code 20,20,20 account number 40096792
All drinks, plus Lunch are in the price, This will be the first day.
The Second day will be £30 and on the 20th May. Get here for 9:30AM at the club. Pay via Bacs as above or pay on the day on the second day ONLY.
Look at our FAQ page on our website for further details on the course.

This is a Safety Course so 21g and 24g Cartridges are acceptable as long as they work in your gun.

Contact via email to if you are interested in taking the course and hurry as spaces are limited and running out fast!

I will then reply to you if you are accepted onto the course.

Club Shoot January 21st

Happy new year everyone and welcome to another awesome year at Border Guns P.S.G, Our first club Shoot for the year is January 21st with 8 awesome stages ready and waiting to put a smile on your face and make you feel alive for the new year, Border style. Where the steels fly and the clays vapourise in the land of Borders Baby see you all at 09:30am cuppa 10:00am start. members £15, Non members £25. All refreshments and lunch are in the price. Please Remember to bring your Club Membership payment as well for 2018 as we need them all in by the end of January.

Christmas Shoot this Sunday

The Borderguns Christmas shoot is here on December the 3rd.
Everyone will get a prize. Some more than others:).
5 large stages. Including, Mega wood 32 targets.
2 large field stages with distant swinging targets. One that can only be shot while it’s moving ;).
Not forgetting a very special stage, to test the warrior in you……
The sixth stage is a knock down speed shoot for those of you with a 22 semi.
With a nice bottle of port for the winner :).
Every shooter must where a Christmas hat, or forfeit a bottle of wine to the prize table. 🙂
Take care.
See you Sunday at see you all at 9.45 cuppa 10am start.
members £12
non members £20
All refreshments and lunch are in the price.

Club Shoot This Sunday

Another awesome shoot for this Sunday, another 8 great stages are ready and waiting to put a smile on your face and make you feel alive once more, Border style.
where the steels fly and the clays vapourise in the land of Borders Baby
see you all at 9.45 cuppa 10am start.
members £12
non members £20
All refreshments and lunch are in the price

Border Guns Safety Course

Hi guys.
Borderguns are doing a shotgun safety course with a difference.
Part one
Will be on Sunday the 29/10/ 17 start time 9am until 3pm.
Cost 50 pound. All refreshments including lunch are in the price.
6 people total.
Or Tel. 01588640002.
Send me all information,by email.
Question and Answers are on the Bordergunspsg web site.
Address,tel, the gun you will be using, section 1 or 2.
Or if you need to borrow a section 2. And if you are a Vegetarian.
Money to be sent by cheques to borderguns, or bank account
20-20-20. 40096792
There will be home work given after the first day to practice before the 2nd day.
Part 2
Will be on Sunday the 12th of November 9am _ 3 pm as above
Don’t pay for this one yet.
First to pay will be placed on the course.
See you soon.

October Club Shoot postponed to 22nd October

The October Club Shoot will be moved to the 22nd October, We are sorry for any inconveniance this may cause.

Club Shoot 17/09/17

Hey Guys.
outstanding level one club shoot at Borders this Sunday.
Featuring the swinging clays, with a cool loading system with out the dreaded elastic band lol.
Start time 9.45 cuppa catch up.
10am start 8 super stages to encourage the new, and test the best.
£20 non member
£12 member.
The famous Chille, coffee, Tea,biscuts, and a Beer at the end of the day, as normal all in the price.
BORDERS. Because you deserve the best.

Club Shoot Level 1 27th August

Borderguns level 1 match this Sunday. 8 great stages, 4 shooting areas.
Not only will there be the floating platform, as it was meant to be in the level 3, but also the dreaded skate board ;).
This will be a excellent practice for the Welsh championship.
Start time 10 am, get here 10 minutes earlier for a cuppa.
£12 for members.
£20 for non member’s
Lunch and refreshments all in the price.
Get ready for a good blast, it’s all good.