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Club Shoot Saturday 17 October

Update: photos from the shoot here.

If you set your satnav to SY7 8QX it will take you directly to the top of my parents’ drive on the other side of the valley opposite our house.

I will have a sign there on Saturday morning from 9:00 am pointing you down the drive.

I will be 300 metres down the drive to greet you and instruct you, before you go down to the new range.

There will be no hot drinks made this time. Please bring your own. Food will be brought down to each group as normal, due to corona.

New range directions are here and you need to arrive by 9:30am as usual.

There will be an 8-plate buckshot stage and 10 rounds of buckshot on sale for £5. And if you miss these 8 big targets with 10 cartridges, glasses and a bipod can also be hired for £5!

Take care,

Border Guns.

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